Innovative R&D in food processing

INNOFOOD presented in Accra, Ghana

René Vermeulen (MDF) presented and discussed the Innofood project during the workshop "Improving graduate employability throgh capacity building partnerships". 


The workshop also included a "gallery walk" with posters of interesting approaches, including the Innofood approach. Check out the poster below! 

Ho Technical University starts crowfunding campaign to finance applied research in food processing

Many local food processing businesses in Ghana have issues to ensure consistency and high-level quality of their products and have joined forces with the lecturers and students from the Department of Food Technology and Hospitality in HO Technical University to develop innovative solutions for their challenges under the INNOFOOD initiative. 

Following an innovation jam where entrepreneurs, students and lecturers identified key innovation challenges, they have since translated these into research projects, sharpened their approaches and are now ready to put their ideas to the test! 

However, research costs money and, to realise these research projects, the students and lecturers of HTO are looking to raise  GH 5000.00 cedis to cover the costs of raw materials, laboratory analysis and others to carry out their research.  

To do so, they have started a crowdfunding campaign and are calling out the general public to support their efforts.

To learn more about the campaign and donate, visit the website HERE



Innovation in food technology runs parallel with consumer demand for healthy and safer food while improving the quality and shelf life. This and many others are needs faced by bussineses in the food processing sectors.

The INNOFOOD BUSINESS CHALLENGE INNOVATION JAM was launched on 12th October, 2017 at the Ho Technical University in Ghana. The initiative is looking to identify key innovation challenges of companies working in the food processing sector and engage them in market driven research trajectories together with selected groups of students and faculty of the two involved institutions.

Following the launch of the event was a two day workshop, where the five (5) businesses that entered into the challenge were joined by students and faculty. 5 teams were set up, with each team comprising of a business owner, a faculty member, some students and a facilitator.

The two day workshop saw the various teams identify the key researchable challenges of the businesses and formed research questions to be worked upon. The teams with the use of some mind working tools went on to brainstorm and provide clear, specific solutions to be developed as their recommendations to the challenges afore identified.

The Final day of the workshop saw the various teams present their solutions and prototypes to an expert panel, business owners and other teams present. The business owners were pleased with the outcomes of the presentations of research solutions which the students and faculty were going to further develop for the duration of this initiative.

The Event launching was attended by dignitries such as the MCE of the Ho municipality, Vice chancellor and Administrator of the Ho Technical Universtity, faculty and Members of the press. The INNOFOOD BUSINESS CHALLENGE INNOVATION JAM was jointly organised by MDF , BoP Innovation Centre, Ho Technical University and the Jomo Kenyatta Univeristy fo Agriculture and Technology.